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A website is all about telling our story. We all need great website content ideas to build our story.

YachtWhen we build a website we choose a topic or theme for our story and our website. It could be a topic or theme that we are passionate about. As an example, since my childhood I have been passionate about researching what makes some people successful while others (who also work hard) are not, and I have turned this passion into Or perhaps you have a hobby or interest that you want to share, for example, pets, gardening and sports. And you may have unique and clever solutions to a problem, for example, relationships, dating, getting a job.

A website also has the added potential to turn your passion, hobby or ideas into a business within the online world. This is a way to get customers by sharing your knowledge.

If you don’t have a passion or a niche then that is OK too because you can start by promoting an existing product like Wealthy Affiliate …  click here to read my review. I highly recommend this idea because you can choose a product where you get the coaching and training on how to promote that product, and then once you have gained some successes apply those skills to your own product or business.

If you are like me, you rely on Google, Bing and Yahoo for solutions to questions and information. Everybody is doing research online. Potential visitors to your site will type in a keyword on a search engine, and then select your page to do more research. Therefore, interesting and quality content is an important part about being noticed.

What are you going to write about? How are you going to find interesting and quality content?

Here are ideas to prepare for online content:

Add A Human Touch

People want to hear from a person.

  • Add a personal story and tell something interesting about yourself that they will remember.
  • Offer your readers a human touch by being yourself.

There will always be an audience of people who want to hear your story.

Readable Content

The reader needs to feel that you are speaking to them.

You might want to pretend you are writing to a person (your Avatar). As you write think of that person and write to that person. For example pretend you are writing a letter to Bob and think things like: What would Bob think about that idea? Will Bob like my article?

Solve A Problem

Your prospect doesn’t fall asleep at night thinking and wondering about your website or blog. The things that wake them up and the things that keep them up at night are their problems.

  • Problems might be weight loss and how to lose XX kilograms;
  • It might be financial difficulties and how to make more money.

People want to hear about what you know, how you solved problems, and what you have learnt:

  • Where do they need help and give them that help.
  • What do they want to know and tell them how.

Tell a Story

We all love stories. A few hundred years ago people would sit around the campfire and they would  tell stories about the best ways to find food. They would tell stories about famous battles and victories.

They would tell stories they learnt from their parents and grandparents and we still share those stories with our children.

Everybody has some awesome stories to tell and it is about using that story as it applies to your content.

When we read your article we want to enjoy the story you tell.

Create a Habit of Saving Website Content Ideas

A good success habit is to save or record interesting website content ideas, and create a file for these ideas and thoughts. This habit becomes a source of material to write about.


  • Start a file system with a few high level topics.
  • Each file has a few high-level headings to create different sections. These sections could one day be one or two articles.
  • Prepare the files. These files can be a notebook, physical file, file on computer, box, or even a new paper pile for a new section. I use all of these.


  • When we see an interesting article or an idea as part of an article then print the article or copy it or tear it out the magazine (with the permission of the owner).
  • Write down great ideas and inspirational thoughts and add them to the file.
  • An idea from a presentation or video can also be jotted down on a piece paper.
  • Many articles (like this one) have a number of headings, and you could choose one of the headings that you find inspiring and create an article on that topic.
  • Even a new business idea can be written down and given a section in the file.
  • It is worth taking the trouble to file these pages immediately because paper can build up quickly and all too soon we have a big clearing task. Also, I find these articles clutter my desk, and filing them away makes other tasks so much easier.

And when it becomes time to write you have lots of ideas which you can group together in your own way and in your own words.

I had a fear (or maybe my excuse) that “somebody is already doing my idea”. Using this method I can create value and content that is UNIQUE TO ME.

You want to be accurate as that helps build credibility. Keeping a file with the original or source document is a great help in this regard.

Take Action

Most Importantly, take action. Prepare a short article and share the article by pasting the article on Facebook or Google+. Perhaps you have list of friends and you can build confidence by sending out an article to your friends. This is an important step in what we hope will become a series of articles.

To learn more about how to put it all together in a website read My Wealthy Affiliate: Product Review by CLICKING HERE.

And remember to keep an eye open for good website content ideas that will be very useful the next time you get down to writing your next article.


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