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Welcome to EarnIncomeOnInternet.com and the world of online marketing.

When I started I was introduced to lots of new products. Each product promised to make lots of money. Each product also added to my confusion and I quickly became paralysed by the information overload. I felt totally overwhelmed.

Too many options and too much information created confusion, and I had no idea how everything fitted together.  Online marketing reminded of the three blind men who come across an elephant.  On blind man feels a leg, the other reaches up to feel the tummy, and the other feels the trunk. They have all discovered the elephant and each one has a very different story to tell.

In this environment there are just so many products it is quite easy to become overloaded and overwhelmed by the volume of products and information available. And sometimes we become stuck and ready to give up.

Follow A Proper Path

To set yourself up for success you need to follow a proper path.

If you are experienced in online marketing then you have found your way of doing things, and a way that works for you.

If you are unsure about what to do then consider bootstrapping an existing product. I highly recommend this idea because you can choose a product where you can get the coaching and training on how to promote that product. And  the owner of the product can provide the infrastructure like providing a complete sales funnel with everything for you to sell the product: the landing / squeeze page, the free gift (or lead magnet), the auto responder (which is normally at your cost), and the email copy to load to your auto responder. A sales funnel will typically go from a TRAFFIC SOURCE  to  a SQUEEZE PAGE + LEAD MAGNET, and then on to a LIST  or on to a SALES PAGE. They can also recommend ways to get traffic to this sales funnel.

Bear in mind that you can’t sell stuff you don’t believe in, and a good question to ask is: “Am I happy to sell your product to my friends?”

Then once you have gained some successes apply those skills to your own product or business. I have learnt a lot from their Bootcamp training by promoting Wealthy Affiliate, and have used that training to create my path. You can read My Wealthy Affiliate: Product Review.

Articles To Help You on Your Journey

Here are some articles to help you on your journey  to earn income on internet.


Key skills include:
• Choosing a proper path model which is discussed above.
• Setting weekly ambitions
• Monetize your site.


A website is all about telling our story. We all need great website content ideas to build our story. The question becomes: “What are you going to write about?”.  The article has interesting ideas to prepare for online content


To help with managing our time it is important to understand the difference between time management activities that are PRODUCTIVE or activities that are simply being BUSY. Being PRODUCTIVE is about using our time EFFECTIVELY to produce results, whilst being BUSY is about using our time EFFICIENTLY to get activities done.


Wealthy affiliate is an affiliate marketing platform that includes everything you need to create and manage your business. All in one place. The platform helps members who are just starting out online with excellent basic training and easy-to-implement applications. It also supports experienced entrepreneurs grow their online business.