Build Website Online: 5 Key Skills

If you are like me, you rely on Google, Bing and Yahoo for solutions to questions and information. Everybody is doing research online, and the internet is the gateway to information. Being the owner of your website, this is where you will be delivering your articles and reviews to a captive audience.

Fiona JumpHow you build website online will help you to convert the “prospective” followers into actual customers.

Creating your basic WordPress site is easy and you can read My Wealthy Affiliate: Product Review by CLICKING HERE and then see how this is done.

Here are some key skills to create a great website:

Follow a Proper Path

To set yourself up for success you need to follow a proper path. If you are experienced in online marketing then you have found your way of doing things, and a way that works for you.

If you are unsure about what to do then consider bootstrapping an existing product. I highly recommend this idea because you can choose a product where you can get the coaching and training on how to promote that product, and then once you have gained some successes apply those skills to your own product or business. I have learnt a lot from the Bootcamp training by promoting Wealthy Affiliate, and have chosen that path to follow.

You Want To Complete Your Website And Monetize Your Site

Getting training is not the same as taking action. We are taught at school that learning loads of information will lead to good grades and success. But learning is not enough and action is required to put your learning and skills into practice. You want to apply what you have learnt.

It is easy to get overwhelmed by trying to implement everything at once, therefore it is best to focus on learning one thing at a time and then to apply that learning and skill to build website online completed.

To create a great blog you want to achieve a completed website. And if you want to make money from your site the competed site needs to be monetized.

Weekly Micro-Ambitions

It is quite easy to be seduced by the idea of having your own successful online business. But that is being in love with the result. To get there you’ve also got to love, or at the very least accept and appreciate what it takes to get there.

I often buy a new product with great excitement and then start the training. Then I get faced with the challenges of getting the product to work, and finding the time for my new project when I have along working day and want time with my family. This is where weekly micro-ambitions serve me.

How to I do micro-ambitions?

  1. Create a complete list of tasks that need to be done.
  2. Select the important tasks that will create the most impact.
  3. Reduce the important tasks to a few SMART (Specific Measurable, Attainable or Achievable, Relevant, Time) goals for the week. SMART goals are goals that are very Specific, easy to Measure, Attainable and can be achieved that week, Relevant and get me closer to the business I am creating, and I schedule Time to get the goals done that week.
  4. Daily habit of doing something every day … add building your site to your daily planner.
  5. Then the next week I start the process all over again.

Create Quality Content And Product Reviews

Money follows value. A good way to create value is by creating a great website with interesting and quality content, where the value to my prospective client is in the form of free education and training.

You can read about how to find interesting and quality content in my article Website Content Ideas.

Note that it is a good idea to strive for 1 000 words per article.

Reviews are an important part of your site. Kinda like your sales page. There are some excellent ideas on how to write a review in the Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp training.

Persist And Keep Learning

An important habit of successful people is they never stop learning.

Money follows value. Another way to create value is by continuously work on upgrading your own skills by attending training and by reading. And you can offer value by transferring these skills to your readers.

You can build skills by:

  • Being prepared to discover and experience many new ideas and techniques
  • Making mistakes
  • Having fun along the way. We can enjoy the journey.

Live events are a good place to learn. You can meet top achievers and support partners. The learning is awesome from both the presenters and by learning from networking with each other.


In conclusion, when you build website online you need to consider what is in it for my visitor? Create a site that is offering the visitor value.


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