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About Me

Welcome to Earn Income On Internet. In this post I want to share some insights into internet marketing that I have learned.

My Story

Carl J de WetMy story has two parts. The first part of my story is about wanting the security of a second income and an online business is ideal because the flexible hours do not interfere with my job. Added to this need is a strong motivation to finance my later years and enjoy them.

The second part of my story is about my passion to share my ideas and thoughts about what drives success. The question that fascinates me is: Why are some successful and others not? I first started to explore this problem at the age of 12 by reading the popular authors at the time, for example, Napoleon Hill (Think and Grow Rich), Earl Nightingale. And I continue to wonder why there are people with Doctorate degrees who struggle while high-school dropouts become world-renowned success stories. Looks help success but there are beautiful people with no long-lasting or satisfying relationships. To pursue my passion to tell this story I have created my own blog

My Mission With

Getting my skills to my current level has been a tough and expensive journey, but it need not be that way for you:

  • When I started I was overloaded and overwhelmed with being exposed to too many products and this resulted in splitting my energy into lots of directions instead of focusing on one concept. At the same time I was working during the day to earn a living. The situation was very frustrating.
  • Then there is false information about money-making products and strategies that don’t work.
  • And some products are very difficult to implement and even more difficult to create money.
  • Lastly, a common strategy to sell products on internet is too create false expectations about what it takes to make money. Like any worthwhile project, a successful online business takes time and effort.

Most businesses do not make it past one year. I believe that with enough time and persistence your online businesses will change its shape and form until you find your place, and the income and lifestyle will be worth it.

My Dream …

… is for you to find a way to create a business online. Let’s make your dreams come true.

Thanks for stopping by at I trust this site will help you get onto a solid path that leads you to your goals and ambitions.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

To your success,


Carl J de Wet


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